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Return to Firewall Homepage Calvin's Spam Firewall: Manage Your Whitelist and Blacklist

If you want to customize how the Calvin Spam Firewall deals with specific e-mail addresses, you can use the Whitelist/Blacklist functionality to accomplish this.

Whitelist: When an e-mail address is on your Whitelist, all messages from that address will be checked for viruses and then automatically sent to your e-mail address without being checked as possible spam.

Blacklist: When an e-mail address or domain is on your Blacklist, all message from that address or domain will be blocked from being delivered.

To manage your Whitelist or Blacklist, log in to your Calvin Spam Firewall account, click the Preferences tab, and then click on Whitelist/Blacklist.

  • You can view all the addresses you have whitelisted from your quarantine list. You also have the option of adding an e-mail address or deleting an item currently on the list.
  • To blacklist or block an e-mail address or domain, you must use this window and click on Add.