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Calvin's Spam Firewall: Handle quarantined e-mails

  1. If you have set your quarantine level to anything less than 10 you will, by default, receive an e-mail every day that there are items in your quarantine Inbox.
    Quarantine Email
  2. The e-mail lets you view the quarantine list and gives instructions for handling the quarantined items. Below is an example of an HTML formatted message. If you view your e-mail as Text Only, then a link will be provided to take you to your quarantine inbox seen below.
    Quarantine Summary
  3. The e-mail provides a link to enter your personal Spam Firewall account. The link takes you directly to the quarantine inbox.

  4. The check boxes to the left of the messages allow you the option of dealing with messages as a group. Click the check box(es) and then use the button at the top of the window to deliver, whitelist, or delete the messages in the group.
  5. The Classify as Not Spam or Classify as Spam options allow you to train the system, but it takes over 200 e-mails classified as spam and 200 e-mails classified as not spam before it helps the scoring of future messages.