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Software: Windows 7 FAQ

Where are my desktop icons?
Windows 7 comes with a clean desktop with only one icon, the Recycle Bin. All your programs can be found on the Start menu. To place any of the program shortcuts on your desktop or taskbar simply right-click the program on the Start menu and drag to the desired location.

If you drag to the desktop you'll be prompted to Create shortcut here. If you drag to the taskbar the program will be "pinned" to the taskbar.

What if the printer I want isn't installed?
If the printer you need isn't installed open a web browser and go to Select Printers for College Employees. The next window displays all the printers available via the network. Click on the printer you want installed. When prompted to install now - click Set printer as default and then click on Yes.

I noticed a new program called Cute PDF what is that?
CutePDF is a pdf distiller. That means you can take a file from most programs and make it into a pdf file. How do you do this? Open the program, create the file and then select Print. Print to the CutePDF printer. You'll be prompted to select a location and name for your file.

Where is Print Key?
Windows 7 comes with it's own Print Screen program called the Snipping Tool. Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool allows you to snip a portion of your screen and then save, copy, or send it via email. You can also write on the snip, highlight an area or use the eraser to erase part of the snip. Use the Snipping Tool Help for more information.

HINT: You can assign a short-cut key that will start the Snipping Tool. Locate the Snipping Tool in the Accessories list and right-click on it. Select Properties. Place the curser In the Shortcut Key text box then press the short-cut keys you want to use. I used <CTRL>+<ALT>+<P>.

Where did my games go?
Your games are still available but by default are not preinstalled. You just must install them. Click on Start > Control Panel > Get Programs. On the left, click on Turn Windows features on or off. A list of features will be given. Please DO NOT make any changes other than putting a check by Games. Then click OK.