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Microsoft Lync


Lync is a unified messaging utility which brings together instant message chat and video communications. In Lync, you can send messages and use voice and video to communicate with others, as well as utilize screen sharing for video conferencing and remote presentations. Lync is available for Windows PCs, Mac computers, iOS and Android devices and on the web via the Lync Web App. Find out more about Lync

Lync provides instant messageing, online meetings, availability information, and video calling while at work or on the go. It's a part of Office 365

Lync Documentation and Resources

Lync Resources
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Help topics about Lync
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Lync Resources for Mac

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Lync Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Lync on my Calvin Computer?
Windows 7 Click Start > Type Software Center in to the Search bar > Choose Lync from the list of Available Software and click Install
Mac OS X Lync has already been pushed to Calvin Macs. Please check your Applications folder.

Can I access Lync online?
  • You can access Lync online by logging in to the Outlook Web App at, clicking on your name in the upper right, then Sign in to IM. Only the Instant Message features of Lync are available online.
Why does Lync on Mac not seem as full-featured as Lync on PC?
  • The Lync client on Mac was released in 2011 and is not as current as the latest version of Lync for Windows PCs, which was released in 2013. Microsoft is expected to release a new version of Office for Mac in 2014 which should offer more features similar to what is offered in Office 2013 for Windows. To see the differences in features each Lync client provides, please see the Lync Client Comarison Tables
What support does CIT offer?
  • The HelpDesk offers best-effort support for Lync and will attempt to assist you with basic Lync issues. Please note that CIT cannot guarantee support of advanced features or mobile apps and the telephany portion of Lync is not supported at this point.
I need to do video chatting, how can I get a webcam and/or headphones?
  • If your primary Calvin computer does not have a webcam, you can request one by contacting the HelpDesk.
    • If you require a higher quality webcam than what it provided, CIT recommends the Logitech HD Webcam C525 which can be purchased for you by your department
Am I able to dial-in to a Lync meeting like I would a conference call?
  • This is not a supported function of Lync at this time