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Desktop Services: Software

Microsoft Office As a Microsoft Office campus, we provide you with the Microsoft Office suite of software in computer labs and classrooms, as well as on faculty and staff computers.
DreamWeaver   Fireworks
We support Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks for Web development.

What software is used in computer labs and classrooms?

Besides the Microsoft Office suite of software and Web development tools, a variety of productivity and academic software packages are available for student use in computer labs and classrooms. Many labs have specific academic software that faculty members have requested.

What software will I have on my office computer?

Calvin uses Microsoft Office for office productivity and Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks for creating and maintaining Web pages. We provide standard software on faculty and staff Windows and Mac computers, including but not limited to Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, VLC media player, and multiple web browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari).

The cost of your office hardware and software is part of your department’s Academic Technology Budget and the Administrative Technology Budget. Any additional requests you have should be discussed with your supervisor or department chair.

I sometimes work from home and need Microsoft Office. Can I install it at home?

Calvin Faculty and Staff can download Microsoft Office 365 for free for home use.

How do I request additional software (faculty and staff)?

Other than the standard desktop software, most addifional software requires a charge to your department and should be included in your department's technology budget. You should receive approval from your supervisor or department chair prior to requesting additional software.

Academic Software - After receiving approval from your department's chair, faculty may request the installation of academic software by completing a Software Request form and bringing the completed form and the software to CIT.

Desktop Software - After receiving approval from your supervisor or department's chair, requests for additional software to be installed on your office computer should be made by calling the HelpDesk at x6-8555.