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Desktop Services: Moving to a new office and/or changing departments?

Changing Departments

  • Your Abacus, Novell, and Moodle accounts remain the same.
  • Your supervisor needs to request access to the new department's common (shared) and your phone extension needs to be changed.

Moving to a New Office

  • Your Abacus, Novell, and Moodle accounts remain the same.


  • You are responsible for moving your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, desktop printer, and any other computer related equipment.  CIT will help with computer moves only in certain cases. Please contact the HelpDesk (x6-8555) for further information or if the computer jack in your new office doesn't work.


  • Departmental printers will be moved by CIT due to their size and the configuration needed for the printer once it has been moved. Please contact the HelpDesk (x6-8555) if you have a printer that must be moved.


  • Do not move your actual phone set into your new office. If a phone is needed in your new office, CIT will either install a new phone set or move your old phone for you.There are important programming options that will be lost if you attempt to move the phone yourself that could cause you to be without a phone for a couple of days.
  • Contact the HelpDesk at least 3 days prior to your moving day to schedule your extension switchover.  Either fill out the online form or e-mail the HelpDesk with the following information:
    • Phone Extension
    • Move Date
    • Old Office building and room number
    • New Office building and room number
    • GL-number (for charging long distance calls to your department)
    • Whether or not the office you are moving into is empty.
    • If you need bridged appearances on your new phone.
    • If you need any additional telecommunication lines (digital or analog) for devices such as fax machines or modems.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the HelpDesk (x6-8555).