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Desktop Services: New Computer Deployment FAQ

When am I getting my new computer?
Office computers are refreshed on a 3-year rotation.Summer is when CIT replaces most computers. About a week before we install your new computer, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for the installation. If you have particular scheduling needs, please contact the HelpDesk (x6-8555).

What happens when I get my new computer?
What we do for you
Using ZENworks Personality Migration, we migrate as many of your work files and personal settings as possible. What will be migrated?
  • Windows Operating System Settings
    • any picture you are using as your desktop background
    • any special keyboard or mouse configurations
    • any multilingual settings
  • Application Settings
    • your cookies and favorites
    • your bookmarks from Firefox
    • Office templates
  • Software
  • Files stored on your hard-drive

What you need to do to prepare for your new computer

  • Backup personal files stored on your hard-drive (c:\) including music and video files. Please do not back-up personal files to a network drive but instead store them on a USB memory device or CD. The technician who installs your new computer WILL NOT backup these files for you.
  • Work-related files including music and video may be backed up to the network.
  • We are maintaining a list of file types that we are migrating. Any file types NOT on this list will not be backed up.
    If you have file types not on the list you should back them up.
  • Make a list of any "non-standard" software that you have installed on your computer.
Files Migrated by CIT

Files contained inside of Documents and Settings will be migrated, with the exceptions listed below. The following files are included in the migration:

  • Access databases and templates
  • Acrobat documents and forms
  • Address books
  • Datatel UI settings
  • Dreamweaver documents and cascading style sheets
  • Excel documents and templates
  • Firefox bookmarks
  • Fireworks documents, batch script files, and PNG images
  • Flash documents, movie files, and "Flash Paper" files
  • Freehand ver. 11 documents, templates, and "Xtra" files
  • Illustrator documents
  • Inspiration documents and library files
  • Internet Explorer bookmarks and cookies
  • Pagemaker documents
  • Photoshop documents
  • PowerPoint documents and templates
  • Project documents and templates
  • Quickbooks documents
  • Shockwave flash object files
  • Visio documents
  • WinZip documents
  • Word documents, custom dictionary, templates, and ""

Items Not Able to Be Migrated by CIT

Files outside of the Documents and Settings folder will be excluded from migration. In addition, the following types of files are excluded from migration:

  • Applications installed by the user are excluded
  • Dreamweaver "defined sites"
  • GroupWise archive files stored on C:\. By default, archive files are stored on H:\
  • Music files (including iTunes and Media Player files)
    Note: Work-related music files will be migrated if requested.
  • Office default fonts
  • Video files (.mov, .wmv)
  • Wireless networks configuration files

What you need to do once you receive your new computer
The technician who installs your computer will provide to you instructions. For example:

  • Applications: Reinstall any "non-CIT" software to which you own the license.
  • Browser: Your default browser will be set to IE (Windows only). If you prefer Mozilla you will have to re-establish it as your default.
  • Browser: Check to make sure your bookmarks were properly migrated.
  • Email: If you use the Outlook client on a PC, run the Profile Creator the first time you use Outlook (Start > All Programs > Delivered Applications > Utilities > Outlook Profile Creator)
  • Printers: Check that your default printer and settings are set correctly.
  • Using a screensaver password on a: Mac, Windows computer
  • Word: Set your Word default font and margins, if different than standard.