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Software Standards: 2011-2012

Note: Software standards for 2012-2013 are being developed. This page will be updated when the new standards are approved.

There are relatively few software changes planned for 2012-2013. Routine upgrades (minor version changes) of supported software will be made as they become possible according to vendor recommendations.

We are planning to upgrade GroupWise during spring or early summer 2012. The exact time frame for this upgrade is not yet determined. Watch for more information from CIT on this change.

General Office Productivity Applications

Office Productivity
  • Current Standard
    Microsoft Office 2010 (Windows)
    Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac)
  • Also Supported (in cases of demonstrated need)
    Access 97 by special service level agreement
  • General Upgrade Policy
    CIT adopts the newest version of Microsoft Office the summer after Microsoft releases it. Microsoft releases a major version upgrade of Office approximately every 2 years.

  • Current Standard
    GroupWise 8 (Windows)
    GroupWise 8 (Mac)
  • Upgrade Plans
    GroupWise will be upgraded sometime during the spring or early summer 2012. The time line for this has not yet been determined.

Web Page Authoring

  • Current Standard
    Dreamweaver CS5
  • Also Supported
    Dreamweaver CS4
  • Upgrade Plans
    Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) is the standard version for all new installations, including those in Teaching Labs and Classrooms. Creative Suite 4 is also supported, although an upgrade may be requested by the user. We have discontinued support for Creative Suite 3 and will upgrade these to CS5
  • Current Standard
    Fireworks CS5
  • Also Supported
    Fireworks CS4
  • Upgrade Plans
    Fireworks is part of the Adobe Creative Suite and will be upgraded on the same schedule as the rest of the suite.

Desktop Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows
  • Current Standard
    Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit edition with Service Pack 1
  • Also Supported (in cases of demonstrated need)
    Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit edition with Service Pack 1
    Windows XP SP3
    Prior versions of Windows by special service agreement
    Windows Vista is not supported. Computers purchased with College or grant funds independently from CIT and running Windows Vista will not be supported on the campus network (see Upgrade Plans below).
  • Encryption
    All Windows laptops will come with hard drive encryption software installed. This is required for the protection of confidential data.
Mac OS
  • Current Standard
    Mac OS 10.7
  • Also Supported
    Mac OS 10.4.1 and above (will not change with upgrade)
  • Upgrade Plans
    Mac OS 10.8 is expected to start shipping with all new Macs starting this summer. We will install the latest OS possible on all new deployments and all re-deployments. Mac users running less than OS 10.5 may request an upgrade.
  • Encryption
    All Mac laptops will come with hard drive encryption software (FileVault) enabled. This is required for the protection of confidential data.

Software Support Levels

CIT maintains a list of all supported software and the service level provided by CIT.