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Hardware Purchasing

Statement of Service

CIT is committed to providing reliable and secure desktop computing capabilities to students, faculty, and staff. We strive to provide excellent support in a sustainable manner that is both affordable for the college and effective for campus users.

To this end, we establish standards for desktop computing which meet the varied needs of the campus community. The objectives for these standards include:

  • being near the front edge and not at the bleeding edge of new technologies
  • purchasing hardware from top tier vendors with proven products and reliability
  • standardizing on a limited number of models which can more effectively be supported
  • keeping desktop technology current by replacing primary desktop computers every three years

Computer equipment that meets all of our standards receives the highest level of support. Those who do not will receive less support. We have established seven levels of support for desktop/laptop computer hardware.

Hardware Purchase

We are responsible for the purchase of all desktop computers and printers on campus. This includes Apple iPad tablets. Once the equipment is purchased, an asset management tag will be placed on the computer by CIT.

Computers and printers are planned for and purchased via the department's technology budget. Every 3 years, we re-evaluate our vendor relationships. Every spring, we select two desktop PC models, two desktop Mac models and three laptop models. Information on the selected models appears each year in the I.T. Connection.

Primary computers are those on faculty and staff desktops. Currently, these primary computers are being replaced on a 3-year rotation. After serving for three years as a primary computer, they will be used an additional two years as a secondary computer. Only those employees whose work requires two desktops will be supplied with a secondary computer.