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2010 Desktop Standards Advisory Team (DSAT)

Each year at this time, CIT appoints several teams to look at the hardware and software standards for the following year. Once these recommendations are made we post them in The I.T. Connection for your review and comment. They then go back to the DSAT team for revisions. Once the DSAT team has made all final revisions the recommendations are then sent to the CIT executive team and the Information Services Committee for final approval.

Windows Hardware

In 2009, we increased the performance and capability of the standard and the enhanced desktops.  In order to make this financially feasible, we will move 60-80% of the workstations in the enhanced category to standard.  We will also provide the enhanced desktops in the Engineering labs instead of providing a custom machine (ram upgrades will still apply).

Windows OS and Software

Mac Systems

The price of the enhanced desktop has gone up $300 in the last 3 years.  The specs and price for the standard desktop have improved again.  We recommend reviewing the lifecycle of current enhanced Macs to move them to standard when possible.

MAC OS and Software:

There are no significant OS or application changes expected in 2010.


The Printers team recommends standards for the following categories:

  • Personal desktop inkjet
  • Personal desktop laser
  • Standard department laser
  • Enhanced department laser
  • Standard color laser
  • Enhanced color laser

Student Computer Standards

We have an ongoing team of CIT staff that looks at student computer standards.

Recommendations and Approvals

The DSAT team sends their recommendation to the CIT directors and then to the Information Services Committee. If you have concerns or issues that you want addressed during this process please contact Rick DeVries at or complete an online form.