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Technology Budget Entry Tool Download

Please download one of the following tools for entering your technology budget requests.


  • Download the budget database entry tool via ZENworks.
    • Windows 7:Go to Start > Computer > Calvin College Applications > Delivered Apps > Databases > CIT Budget Requests DB Download.
    • Windows XP: Go to Start > Delivered Apps > Databases > CIT Budget Requests DB Download.
  • In a few minutes, the database file will be copied automatically to your computer and a link to the folder will be placed on your Windows Desktop.
  • Open the folder on your Desktop called CITBudget. There you will find the budget database tool called BudgetRequests.accdb.
  • About the tool: This is a Microsoft Access Data Entry application. All entries and changes are saved automatically. There is no "Save" option on the menu. When you close the tool, all changes are saved automatically.



  • To download: Please chose Save and select a location to save the budget entry tool. Do not chose Open when downloading this file.
  • After downloading, you can open the budget entry tool by double-clicking it. Instructions are found on the "Instructions" tab.
  • About the tool: This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Please save the file when exiting and before submitting it.
  • Download Now

Computer Life Cycle Replacements

In order to assist you with your technology budget planning, we are providing a listing of all computers in your department along with their replacement schedule and replacement details.

Once you open the file, you can scroll to your department or use the bookmark index on the left.

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