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Request account/access for new employee
Request additional account/access for current student or employee
Remove access for student employee


Requesting accounts/access for a new employee

When a new employee is hired, the employee's supervisor will receive an email from Human Resources and/or the Provost Office with instructions on how to request accounts.

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Requesting additional accounts/access for a current student or employee

Please use this form to request additional access for an exisiting Calvin student, staff, or faculty member.

This web form allows a supervisor or department chair to request additional accounts or access for someone that is already working as staff, faculty, or a student worker. Examples of when to use this form include but are not limited to:

  • A student worker needs access to the department's R drive, Team folder, and/or department printers.
  • An employee needs access to additional mnemonics in Colleague.
  • A student worker needs the cost center for your department in their uniFLOW options.

This is a Google form. Log in to Calvin Google Apps with your Calvin email address and passphrase when prompted. If you are logged in to another Google account, you may need to log out of that account first.

See also: Technology Resources for Supervisors of Student Employees

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Remove access for a student employee

Please fill out this form to remove a student employee from the Payroll system. Supervisors should complete this form when a student employee graduates or leaves the position. Submitting this form will send the information to the Payroll office but will only remove these students from the Payroll system and will not remove any IT access.

To remove technology access from a student, please fill out this form. Supervisors should complete this form when a student employee graduates or is terminated. CIT will remove the student's access to the department drive, printers, and W drive but leave the student's personal Calvin accounts (Novell, portal, StudentMail, etc) intact.

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