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Account access after graduation

Congratulations on your graduation from Calvin! Listed below is information regarding your Calvin account (StudentMail, Calvin Google Apps, Moodle, and wireless access) and Novell account (network storage, Calvin portal, printing access).

What will happen to my accounts?

Your student accounts (Novell, StudentMail, Google Apps, Calvin portal, Moodle, webpub, etc) will be available until October 1st following your graduation. At midnight on October 1st your accounts (along with all associated files and emails) will be deleted from our servers. This means:

  • You will not have access to files stored in your Novell account (your H Drive).
  • You will not be able to check, receive, or forward your StudentMail email.
  • You will not have access to Google Apps content (including Drive, Docs, Calendar, etc) associated with your StudentMail account.
  • You will not have access to Moodle.
  • You will not have access to the Calvin portal (including e-Deals and other services and documentation such as AERs, unofficial transcripts, financial records, pay advices, etc).
  • Any other files stored in your Calvin accounts will be deleted.
  • You will lose access to Microsoft Office 365 Student Advantage and any Office programs you have installed on your computer will change to read-only versions of the programs on the date of your graduation

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What do I need to do prior to October 1?

Transfer or save all files in your Novell account (H Drive) and Google Drive to another location. We suggest copying data to an external hard drive. You can also use Google's Takeout service to download information from your StudentMail to a personal archive.

Archive, back up, or forward any email you want to keep. If you have a personal Gmail account, you can follow Google's steps on moving email and contacts from another account to Gmail.

Obtain another e-mail account. We suggest using a free e-mail account such as Gmail.

Send out a notice of e-mail address change, since all correspondence to your Calvin e-mail account will result in a mail delivery failure notice to the sender after October 1.

Backup, copy, and/or print off any forums, documents, bills, pay advices, etc from within the Calvin portal services that you would like to keep for your records.

Set up your uKnight account. This is an optional service offered by the Alumni Association. The uKnight community includes the alumni directory, classified ads, job postings, information on how to obtain transcripts, etc.

Unsubscribe from any non-Calvin mailing lists you have joined from your Calvin e-mail account.

If you will still be employed by Calvin College beyond October 1, ask your supervisor to request an Office 365 email account for you using the Request Additional Access form. You will not be able to keep your StudentMail account as a Calvin employee.

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Can I get access to my StudentMail after October 1?

No, CIT is not able to grant access to email (or any other Calvin accounts) for graduated students after October 1. Accounts and online services at Calvin are activated and removed based on your status with the college. This is an automated process not controlled by CIT. In order to have access to your accounts following October 1 you must have some status with the college such as being currently enrolled in classes.

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What computer resources are available to me after I graduate?

To support some of your post-graduation activities, Calvin College provides limited access to some of our computing resources.

  • The Hekman Library Digital Resource Center has computers available for Internet research.
  • The Career Resource Center (Hekman Library) has computers available for work on resumes, graduate school applications, and other career-related uses.
  • The ITComputer Lab has designated computer stations that can be used by alumni for personal needs (such as resumes, letters, etc...), but not for business purposes or for outside organizations. Specific usage policies are located at each station.

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What if I am working on finishing an incomplete course?

Graduating students finishing incompletes for Calvin courses will need to make special arrangements to extend their access to Information Technology services. Contact the Academic Services department (x6-6155) for information about making these arrangements.

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What if I am working for Calvin College after I graduate?

If you will be employed by Calvin following October 1 and do not already have a Office 365 email account, ask your supervisor to complete the Request Additional Access form so that you will keep your Novell account and have access to Calvin email via Office 365/Outlook. You will not be able to keep your StudentMail account (including Google content relative to this account) even as an employee.

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For additional questions and concerns contact the HelpDesk
(616) 526-8555