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Your supervisor is responsible for requesting all necessary technology accounts and access. Once your login information is ready, your supervisor will receive a notification from the HelpDesk asking you to come in. The HelpDesk will provide you with logon information, help you set up a secure passphrase, and assist with connecting to Calvin's wireless network and your email.
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Calvin Information Technology (CIT) promotes and supports information technologies at Calvin College which are appropriate to the academic and administrative needs of the college. If you have problems with your Calvin-provided technology, please contact the CIT HelpDesk.

As a user of Calvin information technology resources it is your responsibility to be aware of both Calvin's policies on using Calvin's information technologies and federal, state, and local laws that affect your use of technology. CIT polices are statements of the behaviors that are expected of all enfranchised users (faculty, staff, students, alumni, guests, etc) of Calvin College information technology resources, and the consequences for failing to comply with the stated expectations. They are intended to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to promote operational efficiencies, to enhance the college's mission, or to reduce institutional risks. As a Christian College, what might be allowed under the law may not be allowed at Calvin. To see what Calvin expects of you, what your rights are and how to report violations, please see CIT Policies.