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General technology information for Faculty and Staff

If you are newly employed by Calvin, your supervisor will take care of requesting all of the necessary technology accounts and access. Once your login information is ready, your supervisor will receive an e-mail notification from the HelpDesk and ask you to stop by the HelpDesk. The HelpDesk will provide your login information, help you setup a secure passphrase, and help you connect to Calvin wireless and e-mail on your personal mobile device.

Calvin Information Technology (CIT) provides computing, telephone and cable television services to the students, faculty, and staff of Calvin College. If you have problems with your computer, telephone or cable television, please contact the HelpDesk at x6-8555, Monday – Friday from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, or by e-mail at After-hours support is not available. 

As a user of Calvin information technology resources it is your responsibility to be aware of both Calvin's policies on using Calvin's information technologies and federal, state, and local laws that affect your use of technology. CIT polices are statements of the behaviors that are expected of all enfranchised users (e.g., faculty, staff, students, alumni, guests, etc.) of Calvin College information technology resources, and the consequences for failing to comply with the stated expectations. They are intended to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to promote operational efficiencies, to enhance the college's mission, or to reduce institutional risks. As a Christian College, what might be allowed under the law may not be allowed at Calvin. To see what Calvin expects of you, what your rights are and how to report violations, please see CIT Policies.

Account/Login Information

You have been assigned a unique Calvin username and e-mail address. When you start at Calvin your supervisor will instruct you to stop by the HelpDesk to pickup your account information and setup your Calvin passphrase.

Teaching and Learning Support Services

CIT’s Teaching and Learning team assist faculty in incorporating new ways of using technology in teaching research, and learning. They also provide online resources, workshops, and LunchBytes, to help you meet your educational technology goals. This printable sheet also summarizes the services provided by T&L.

FAQ for Faculty and Staff

The answer to many questions you may have can be found in this general FAQ. Although designed for the new user, it contains IT account information for everyone.

Office 365/Outlook

Calvin uses Office 365 for hosting all faculty and staff email in the cloud. Faculty and staff can use the Outlook mail client on their Calvin or personal computers, or the Outlook Web App to access email via the web.

Using Your Calvin Telephone

Using Your Calvin Telephone guide helps you use the basic features on your Calvin telephone.

Using the Audix Voice-mail System

This using the Audix Voice-mail System sheet gives you instructions for: accessing your mailbox and customizing your voice-mail account. A white wallet-size Voice Messaging card is also included.

Where to go for help

The CIT HelpDesk is the place to start for all of your computer, software, printer, telephone, and cable television problems, questions or requests. 
How to contact the HelpDesk
The most direct route to the HelpDesk is by calling x6-8555. If you are unable to use your phone or wish to contact the HelpDesk in another way, you may send e-mail to or visit us on the first floor of the Hekman Library (HL 106).  Even if you aren’t sure the HelpDesk is the right place to get help please contact us anyhow. We are happy to direct you to the correct on or off-campus resource.

    • HelpDesk phone: 616-526-8555
    • e-mail:

 HelpDesk Location
The HelpDesk is part of the main Calvin Information Technology offices located on the 1st Floor of the Hekman Library (HL 106). The HelpDesk is accessible via the glass door at the northeast corner of the Hekman Library. Enter the door marked CIT offices and check in with the receptionist. The HelpDesk is handicap accessible by elevator via the interior of the Hekman Library or through the double glass doors at the Library entrance (200 level).

When you contact the HelpDesk

  • Please identify yourself (first and last name) and your department so we may log your call.
  • When leaving a message, please be as specific as possible about the reason you are calling.  If you encounter an error message please write it down so you can give us that information when you call.  
  • If you are calling about an existing problem or work order, please reference the work order number and the name of the person who placed the original call/request if it was not you.

How to keep current on Information Technology

CIT provides several ways for you to stay current on changes, upgrades, and outages happening in CIT. You can use this printable sheet for summaries of CIT communications or visit the links below:

  • The I.T. Connection
    The I.T. Connection is an on-line newsletter providing the latest news and events in Calvin Information Technology that affect the faculty and staff of Calvin College. When a new edition of the I.T. Connection is published, a link is provided in the Calvin News listserv.
  • Maintenance blog
    When systems must be updated outside of the Routine Maintenance schedule, this blog will be updated with the information. The Maintenance blog contains information regarding Mac, PC, network, and server updates.
  • Scheduled Routine Maintenance and Upgrades
    Although 24/7 access to our servers is often necessary, routine maintenance and upgrades are equally necessary. To prevent inconveniences, we have established weekly maintenance times for our major systems.
  • Alerts
    Emergency maintenance and unscheduled down-times are sent out to one or both of the alert e-mail listservs.
  • Social