Tuesday, May 08, 2012

GroupWise 2012 is here!

CIT has begun the upgrade from Groupwise 8 (8.0.2) to Groupwise 2012 (12.0.0)

On March 22, 2012, CIT upgraded the GroupWise WebAccess client and other Groupwise servers to 2012.  If you use WebAcess, you’ve already experienced the new look and feel as well as the increased functionality outlined below. 

CIT has now made the Groupwise 2012 client available for Calvin PC/Windows computers.  The Groupwise “client” is the software installed on your desktop or laptop computer that communicates with the Groupwise servers where your e-mail, calendar, etc are stored.  The Groupwise 2012 client will be automatically “pushed” to Calvin computers after the completion of the spring semester, but if you would like to upgrade now, you may “pull” the new Groupwise client using Delivered Applications > Installers > Groupwise 12.0.0 (click here for more information on using Delivered Applications to install software).  We recommend reading through the list of new features and known bugs below before upgrading.

The Groupwise client for Apple/Mac computers remains the same.

CIT is also excited to announce two other Groupwise related upgrades:

  • The default Groupwise quota has been increased from 300MB to 500MB.  This increase was implemented in December 2011 (no need to make a request) and is now being reflected in the Mailbox Size tool.

  • CIT is now offering GWSync as an option for faculty and staff who wish to connect to Groupwise via a mobile device.  Unlike other third party e-mail clients, GWSync allows you to use your GroupWise calendar. Please click here for more information on GWSync.

The following excerpts from Novell’s Groupwise 2012 Readme file outlines some of the new features and enhancements for Groupwise 2012:

Groupwise PC Client Enhancements

  • When you modify existing appointments by changing the subject, body text, attachments, and so on, changes display automatically in recipients’ Calendars. However, when you modify the date, time, or place, recipients have the opportunity to re-accept the appointment. Appointment modifications also carry through to delegated appointments.
  • The Multi-User Calendar now includes week, month, and year views, with adjustable columns. Scheduling recurring appointments is much easier, as is editing attached documents.
  • Those who share folders can enjoy sharing an entire folder tree in a single operation.
  • Name completion remembers who you selected last time and displays the most relevant users first.
  • Speller technology has been upgraded to provide higher quality for all supported languages.

WebAccess Enhancements

  • The Messages list can be sorted by any column, in ascending or descending order.
  • Addressing messages is easier with the new Address Selector, rather than going into the Address Book.
  • Photos can be added to contacts in your personal address books.
  • You can schedule recurring appointments.
  • You can create HTML and plain text signatures, and the same signatures are available in WebAccess and in the Windows client.
  • The Busy Search interface has been substantially improved.

WebAccess Mobile (New)

  • GroupWise 2012 includes a new WebAccess interface designed for use on the Apple iPad. It enables you to access your GroupWise mailbox from your iPad with the standard iPad look and feel.
  • You can compose, retract, read, reply to, and forward email messages, as well as check the status of sent items. You can schedule appointments for yourself and others, as well as accept, decline, and delegate appointments.
  • You can create tasks for yourself and others, and view the Tasklist folder.
  • Robust search capabilities are available.

Bugs and other things to note

  • The calendar scrolling issue is still present.  Sometimes when scrolling vertically within the calendar, the blocks of time get jumbled and repeated.  To correct this, click somewhere out of your calendar and then go back into the calendar.

  • When proxying into another account and viewing a multi-user calendar it does not display events on your own calendar but duplicates the account you’ve proxied into.  For example, when Jane Doe is in her own Jane Doe account viewing the multi-user calendar, she sees her appointments in her Jane Doe column of the multi-user calendar as well as John Doe’s appointments in his column and Department’s appointments in the Department column.  If Jane Doe proxies into the Department account and view the calendar, she now sees Department’s appointments in Department’s column and duplicated in her Jane Doe column.

  • When using WebAccess, the web browser must be capable of TLS 1.0 encryption protocol.  If this is disabled or unavailable, the WebAccess login will return a security error.  To enable TLS, in FireFox 10.x go to Options > Advanced > Encryption tab > check the “Use SLL 3.0” and “Use TLS 1.0” boxes > click OK; in Internet Explorer 9.x go to Internet Options > Advanced tab > scroll down to the Security options (very bottom) > check the “Use SSL 3.0” and “Use TLS 1.0” boxes > click OK.


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