Monday, July 30, 2012

Update on 2012 Computer Replacements

CIT is in the midst of our summer computer refreshes, and as we anticipated, there have been delays in receiving computers from Dell. I would like to give you an update so you are aware of the current status and know what to expect in the coming weeks and months. Please communicate this information with your respective staff members at your discretion.

The delays from our desktop computer vendor, Dell, have been longer than expected in getting this year’s new desktop model released to the public. We usually start receiving the new computers in June. This year we expected them the first half of July and now that has slipped until approximately August 1. Needless to say, this has put us behind schedule which will impact many faculty and staff planning for new computers this year.

Following is our strategy to meet the needs of the campus:

  1. Teaching Spaces: Our first priority is to complete all teaching spaces before the fall semester begins. To date, we have put a new software image on about 70 out of 130 smart classrooms/spaces. We have also made significant progress on updating lab software images for academic departments, and several labs have already been completed. With the shipment of desktop computers arriving shortly, we are confident we can complete all teaching spaces in time for the fall semester.

  2. New faculty: Our second priority is to provide computers for incoming faculty. If you have new faculty starting this Fall, please be sure you have completed their New Account Requests so that there is enough time to create their accounts in CIT. Our normal time of a 5 day turn-around for new accounts can take longer during the latter half of August. The form for New Account Requests is found here:

  3. Academic Areas: Our next priority is to make as much progress as possible on refreshing desktop computers in academic departments. Most Mac desktops and laptops and Windows laptops have been deployed or are scheduled over the next month. We will be sending appointment requests to many (if not all) faculty and academic staff that are due for 2012 replacements throughout August. Some faculty desktops will be replaced throughout the fall semester due to our delayed schedule—and also due to some faculty arriving back on campus late summer. Please encourage faculty members to respond to our appointment requests in August so that we can replace their computers with as little disruption as possible to their semester commitments.

  4. Administrative Areas: New desktop replacements for administrative staff will happen throughout the fall semester. If any staff in your department has an urgent need to have their 2012 replacement completed sooner, please contact the HelpDesk with that request. We will try to accommodate that request as long as it does not impact the teaching spaces replacement schedule.

As always, please feel free to contact the HelpDesk if you have specific concerns or questions.