Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Wireless Changes and Reminders

CIT has rolled out a new guest wireless network on campus. The new network is called Guest. This network is for Calvin guests, parents, visiting scholars and presenters (not staff, faculty, or students). Guests using this network will need to register their device(s) once every 24 hours. There are three methods of registration: e-mail, text message, or sponsored access.

All staff and faculty should use the CalvinWireless network for computers and mobile devices. To setup CalvinWireless on your computer, connect to the CalvinWireless network, load an Internet browser, and follow the instructions on the screen. Please refer to these instructions for connecting a mobile device. If you need assistance, please bring your laptop or device to the HelpDesk during business hours.

For more information about wireless and a complete list of available locations, please visit the CIT web page.