Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Class Mailing Lists

All Calvin courses automatically have a *Mailman mailing list associated with it. All currently enrolled students and instructors are on the mailing list. *Mailman is free software for managing mailing lists.

How do I use the mailing list?
The simplest way of using the list is to send e-mail to coursename@list.calvin.edu from your Calvin e‑mail account. E.g. If I’m teaching 10FA_CIT-205A I would send e-mail to 10FA-CIT205A@list.calvin.edu. That’s it. Anyone in the class can send e-mail to the list and everyone in the class will receive the e-mail.
NOTE: Classes that have sections combined do not have a single Mailman mailing lists available however each section does have the mailing list available for use.

Can I add file attachments?
The e-mail can be in html or plain text and can have small file attachments (up to 2 MB).
Some file extensions are not allowed as file attachments:

Is the list moderated?
No, class mailing lists are not moderated for anyone that is part of the class. If someone not in the class sends e-mail to the list, the instructor will have to approve the message before it is sent to the rest of the class. When you approve the first message from someone, you can indicate that any future messages from that e-mail address should also be accepted.

What if I want someone outside the class to be part of the mailing list?
With class mailing lists, you can’t subscribe or unsubscribe to the list and you can’t add people outside of the class to the list. If you are part of a class, you are part of the class mailing list. In order to keep our class lists in sync with official college rosters, we are unable to allow for customization of who is or is not on the list.