Monday, May 16, 2011

Changes in your Calvin Faculty/Staff Google Apps account on May 31, 2011

Are you are aware that Calvin offers a Google Apps account for Faculty and Staff?

For those of you who are already using this Calvin Google Apps account, please note that your account will be converted to a full featured Google Apps account on May 31, 2011.

What is this Google Apps transition all about?
All Calvin faculty and staff have access to Google Apps through their email address.  You can login to some Google Apps such as Docs, Calendar, Sites, Groups and Video with your Calvin email address and your Calvin passphrase (the same one you use to login to Moodle or wireless). 

Before this conversion you would have had to use a separate account to access other Google Apps (such as Google Voice, Blogger, Picasa Web Albums, etc.).  After this transition you will be able to login to all of the other Google Apps available. Currently Gmail is not part of the Google Apps package for Calvin Faculty and Staff.

Who does this affect?
Every faculty and staff member at Calvin has a account with Google that they may use to access Google Calendar, Docs, Sites, Groups and Video. Some faculty and staff may have already created a Google Apps account with their email address.  If you have done that in the past you will be given the opportunity to merge your data from that App into your new Google Apps account.

Why is this conversion being done?
Google is requiring all customers to go through this conversion process. 

When is this being done?
Conversions will start on May 31st.  You will receive an email from Google once your account has been converted and you will be able to start using it with other Google Apps at that time.

What do I need to do?
The next time you login to your account, you will need to read the user agreement and click “ok” to proceed. Google will email you directly if there are other steps you need to take for your particular account.

Google has further information about this transition at these links: