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Official CIT Communications

CIT uses many methods to communicate important technology information to you.

  • The I.T. Connection
    The I.T. Connection is an on-line newsletter providing the latest news and events in Calvin Information Technology that affect the faculty and staff of Calvin College. When a new edition of the I.T. Connection is published, a link is provided in the Calvin News listserv.
  • Maintenance blog
    When systems must be updated outside of the Routine Maintenance schedule, this blog will be updated with the information. The Maintenance blog contains information regarding Mac, PC, network, and server updates.
  • Scheduled Routine Maintenance and Upgrades
    Although 24/7 access to our servers is often necessary, routine maintenance and upgrades are equally necessary. To prevent inconveniences, we have established weekly maintenance times for our major systems.
  • Alerts
    Emergency maintenance and unscheduled down-times are sent out to one or both of the alert e-mail listservs.
  • Social

  • Tech Minutes
    One minute videos with tips from CIT, Audio Visual, and the Instructional Resource Center