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Security: Protect your computer from physical intrusion: Log off or Lock Up!

Physical access is one way in which a hacker can gain complete access to your computer. If you are logged into the network a hacker has access to your home drive, your department's common drive, and any other network drives to which you have access. If you are logged into Datatel, a hacker has access to sensitive College information as well.

Whether it is someone trying steal an exam, your passwords, or gain access to your network information, it is important that you protect your computer from these threats.

CIT recommends that you faithfully follow these practices

  • Lock your office when you are not there. Even if it is for a one hour class period.
  • Use a screen-saver password.
  • Turn your computer off at night.

CIT can help you keep your office computer patched and protected with software, but only you can provide protection against someone physically accessing your computer.

Please take a moment and set up your screen-saver password. 

  • Setting up your screen-saver password on a Mac.
  • Setting up your screen-saver password on a Windows computer.