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The Web page you attempted to access was blocked by Calvin Information Technology

Reasons the Web page may have been blocked

The Web page is a known phishing site
Phishing sites maliciously collect usernames and passwords for legitimate sites such as ebay, paypal, or banking sites and use them for fraudulent purposes.  You may have received an e-mail or instant message requesting that you visit a Web site to update your information. Please visit Security: Phishing to learn about identifying phishing attacks before you become a victim.

The domain is used for the purpose of installing malware or spyware

Many malicious Web sites can compromise your computer by exploiting vulnerabilities in your Web browser to install malicious software that will then use your computer to capture usernames and passwords for Web sites, send spam e-mails, launch attacks against other systems, and further distribute malicious software.

This is a service provided by CIT to help protect people on Calvin’s Campus. Please note that CIT cannot prevent all malicious sites or protect you when you are off campus. For this reason it is very important that you learn to identify suspicious e-mails yourself.

If you have questions or comments, or believe the Web page you were attempting to access was blocked erroneously, please contact the HelpDesk at x6-8555 or send e-mail to