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Computer Equipment Disposal Guidelines

Calvin Information Technology (CIT) has established the following guidelines for disposal of used computer equipment.


Used computer equipment which is deemed appropriate for re-use will be disposed of with the following priorities:

  1. Calvin College departments and programs.
  2. (laptops only): Overseas Christian missionaries associated with Calvin or the CRC.
  3. Christian Schools, churches, and religious organizations affiliated with the CRC
  4. Other schools and non-profit organizations.
  5. Disposal to a computer recycling firm.

Used computer equipment which is deemed not to be appropriate for re-use will be disposed directly to a computer recycling firm.

Everyone falling into priority level 2, 3, and 4 are required to pay the posted rate for each used computer system.

Making a Request:

Requests for used computer equipment should be made in writing (e-mail is fine) from an authorized representative from the organization. CIT has found it best to work directly with the organization rather than through an intermediary. Contact information is listed below.

What's Included: 

Each system will include a CPU, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and power cords. Software included will be limited to the operating system for which the computer was licensed when purchased. No other software will be included. Original installation media (e.g. Windows CD-ROM) may be provided if it is available, however, in most cases it is unlikely that any installation media will be provided.

Sold "As Is":

All systems will be sold "as is" with no support or warranty by Calvin College, except that Calvin will replace a system or part of a system that is "dead on arrival" (DOA) if it is reported to CIT within 1 week of delivery.

Shipping and Packaging:

The receiving organization is asked to take delivery of the equipment at Calvin College and they are responsible to provide and pay for transportation of the equipment from Calvin College (including packaging for shipment.)

Receiving & Processing Requests: 

Technology Integration Services (TIS) will maintain a list of requests:

  • Requests must be made in writing (e-mail is acceptable) by either a top administrator or chief technology coordinator for the organization. Requests made "on behalf of" the organization will not be considered.
  • TIS will approve reasonable requests to be placed on the list at the time the request is made.
  • The request must include the number and type of machines wanted.
  • TIS will approve fulfillment of requests periodically throughout the year and/or as used equipment becomes available. Requests will be fulfilled according to the priority as listed above and then the order in which they are placed on the list.
  • Each request will be valid for not more than 1 year. An organization may have no more than 1 request on the list at a time.

Posted Rates:

  • Standard PC with CRT monitor: $100
  • Enhanced PC with CRT monitor: $125
  • Standard Mac with built in monitor: $125
  • Enhanced Mac with CRT monitor:: $150
  • PC Laptop: $150
  • Mac Laptop: $200
  • 17" CRT monitor only: $20

Selling to Individuals:

Calvin does not sell used computer equipment to individuals, including employees and students.

Contact Information:

Interested organizations may contact Michael Haan for more information or to place a request.

Michael Haan
Calvin Information Technology
1855 Knollcrest Circle, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
(616) 526-7124

Disposal of Personally-owned equipment:

Calvin cannot process the disposal of personally-owned computer equipment.

Information on the disposal of personal computers, electronic equipment, and other household items is available from your local county government. We provide you with the following links for your convenience:

Recycling programs