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Administrative IT Services: SSH Secure Shell Client

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SSH Secure Shell Client Basics

How do I get SSH for my computer at Calvin?

Your Calvin computer probably has SSH Secure Shell installed. If you do not have any shortcuts for it on your desktop,  Start menu, or taskbar, go to Start > All Programs > SSH Secure Shell > click the Secure Shell Client.

You can also use the Start > Search and type ‘secure’ and select Secure Shell Client from the list of programs that displays.

Once you see Secure Shell Client displayed, you can create a shortcut by right clicking on the Secure Shell Client, and choose ‘Pin To Taskbar’ or ‘Pin To Start Menu’.

If you cannot find SSH already installed, go to Start > Computer > Calvin College Applications > Delivered Applications >Installers > SSH Secure Shell Client_Pull and double click the SSH Secure Shell Client_Pull to run the installer.


Opening your first connection

Once you’ve clicked on Secure Shell Client to get it running, select Quick Connect from the menu bar.

Enter the following:

Host Name:
User Name;  your username    ex: abc23

Then select [Connect] and enter your password whenever you are prompted.

A small Add Profile Popup will appear briefly.  Name your profile ‘colleague’ to save it for future use. If you miss the chance this time, you can always do it later. It’s just a convenience for you.


Connecting with existing profiles

The SSH Secure Shell client menu bar has a folder icon labeled Profiles. Click on this to find any profiles already delivered or any new ones you have created. Click on a profile to use it to start a session. Other profiles sometimes delivered with our installers are named like abacusBlue or abacusRed. Any profiles with the name abacus… should be ok to use for this purpose.


How do I get SSH for my use at home?

If you need to use Colleague Legacy on a home computer, please contact the HelpDesk ( and you will be referred to an IS team representative for instructions.

If you have a Calvin laptop, you may use Colleague Legacy off-campus but will need to connect to Calvin's Virtual Private Network (VPN) first.

How do I copy and paste in the SSH2 Client?

To copy text from the SSH2 Client, select the text with your left mouse button. To paste into the SSH2 Client, simply right click with your mouse.

To make sure these options are turned on in the SSH2 Client, from the menu, select Edit > Settings. Under Global Settings click on Appearance. Make sure Paste on right mouse click is checked under Terminal Settings.  Once you have made any changes, use the File > Save Settings to update the current profile with your changes.

You can also highlight the text you want to copy, right click on it and choose Copy, then position the cursor and left click where you want to Paste, right click and choose Paste.