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Colleague Legacy Basics
How do I get Colleague Legacy?
How do I connect?
Can I use Colleague Legacy at home?
How do I copy and paste in Colleague Legacy?

How do I get Colleague Legacy for my Calvin computer?  

Your Calvin computer most likely already has Colleague Legacy installed. To open Colleague Legacy, click Start > All Programs > Colleague folder > Colleague Legacy   

You can also click the Start button and type colleague in to the search field. Select Colleague Legacy from the list of programs.

If you cannot find Colleague Legacy already installed, or if you are being prompted to configure PuTTy when you click the Colleague Legacy icon, please contact the HelpDesk for assistance.

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How do I connect to Colleague Legacy?

If this is your first time connecting to Colleague Legacy, you may be prompted to accept a security key.  Click Yes to accept and continue. Log in with your Calvin username and passphrase.

A basic menu will display, allowing you to enter CL for Colleague Legacy or the name of any special query accounts you may have access to.

After you enter CL, you will be prompted again for your passphrase. A menu system of all the legacy custom processes will display and you may enter the letters of a mnemonic directly at the prompt or navigate through the menus until you see the process you are looking for, then enter the mnemonic. 

Remember to log out when you are finished.

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Can I use Colleague Legacy at home?

If you have a Calvin laptop, you may use Colleague Legacy off-campus but will need to connect to the Calvin VPN first.

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How do I copy and paste in the Colleague Legacy?

To copy text, select the text with your left mouse button. To paste the selected text, simply click with your right mouse button.

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