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Administrative IT Services: Colleague & Colleague Legacy

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Colleague Legacy Basics

Save and/or print Colleage Legacy Basics (PDF file)

How do I get Colleague Legacy for my computer at Calvin?  

Your Calvin computer probably has Colleague Legacy installed. If you do not have any shortcuts for it on your desktop, Start menu, or taskbar, click the Start button > All Programs > Colleague folder > Colleague Legacy shortcut.    

If you have Windows 7, you can also click the Start button and type ‘colleague’ into the search field.  Select Colleague Legacy from the list of programs that displays. Once you see Colleague Legacy displayed, you can create a Start Menu or task bar shortcut by right clicking on the Colleague Legacy icon, and choose ‘Pin To Taskbar’ or ‘Pin To Start Menu’.

If you cannot find Colleague Legacy already installed, or if you are being prompted to configure Putty when you click the Colleague Legacy icon, please contact the HelpDesk ( or 6-8555) for assistance.

How do I open a connection?

Once you’ve clicked on Colleague Legacy to get it running, you can immediately log in to the Colleague host computer, 

If this is your first time logging on, you may be prompted to accept a security key.  Click the “Yes” button to accept and continue. If you are being prompted to configure Putty when you click the Colleague Legacy icon, please contact the HelpDesk ( or 6-8555) for assistance

login as: your Calvin username    (ex: abc23)’s password: your Calvin passphrase

A basic menu will display, allowing you to enter CL for Colleague Legacy or the name of any special query accounts you may have access to.

After you enter CL, you will be prompted again for your password.  Please enter it again.  A menu system of all the legacy custom processes will display and you can enter the letters of a mnemonic directly at the prompt or navigate through the menus until you see the process you are looking for and then type in the mnemonic. 

Please log out completely when you are finished as this tool uses one of our limited connections to Colleague.

How do I get Colleague legacy for my use at home?

If you need to use Colleague Legacy on a home computer, please contact the HelpDesk ( and you will be referred to an IS team representative for instructions.

If you have a Calvin laptop, you may use Colleague Legacy off-campus but will need to connect to Calvin's Virtual Private Network (VPN) first.

What is Colleague Legacy?

Colleague Legacy is our repackaging of ‘PuTTY’, a free terminal emulator for making basic and secure connections from your PC to the computer that hosts Colleague.  

What about SSH Secure Shell?

If you have SSH Secure Shell, you can keep using it.  The purpose and features are equivalent.  CIT is beginning to standardize on this new Colleague Legacy (PuTTY) client because it’s updated and simpler.

How do I copy and paste in the Colleague Legacy?

To copy text, select the text with your left mouse button. To paste the selected text, simply right click with your mouse.