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Administrative IT Services: Colleague and Colleague Legacy

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  Note: The links above require a Calvin portal login and membership with the team site (those with Colleague access). Contact the HelpDesk
if you are not able to access the documentation.

Colleague and Colleague Legacy Explained

Datatel Colleague is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system used for Calvin College's academic administration. Continued enhancement of the Colleague product by Datatel enables integration with other products (ImageNow, Moodle, reporting tools, mobile devices, web interfaces, etc) resulting in a consortium of software serving the colleage as a "Strategic Academic Enterprise".

Direct access to Colleague must be requested on behalf of an employee by the supervisor or by the department responsible for the data being accessed. Calvin licenses a limited number of concurrent connections to Colleague ("seats") so users are asked to limit their connections to Colleague and log out of any inactive ones.

In use at Calvin since 1989, Colleague has many customized features written by Calvin staff. Some of these older features, all marked with a "##" at the beginning of their menu descriptions, are not accessible from the now standard browser-based user interface for Colleague. To enable the continued use of these reports and processes, CIT has provided 'Colleague Legacy', our repackaging of a free terminal-style interface (PuTTY). Some people already use SSH Secure Shell Client (aka 'abacusBlue') for Colleague Query account access. 'Colleague Legacy' and 'SSH Secure Shell Client' can be used interchangeably according to your preferences but Colleague Legacy is the easier of the two. The ## processes will continue to work as long as we need them. The IS team is working with individual offices to prioritize the rewriting of selected older processes. Over time, according to priorities determined by departments and the Information Systems team, the most useful legacy programs will be redeveloped for use from the browser interface. In the mean time, Colleague Legacy is free and very easy to use.


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Colleague Legacy Basics

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Browser Settings for Colleague UI4

In order to use the Colleague UI4 which runs within your Internet browser, you must add * and/or to your Internet browser's trusted sites or disabled the pop-up blocker if the browser does not allow acceptions. For a more inclusive list of known browser issues and CIT recommendations please refer to the tables on this page.

Click on a browser below for specific instructions:

Recommended Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.x or higher (PC)
** Internet Explorer is the recommended browser for full
Colleague functionality including ImageNow linking. **

Google Chrome 16.x or higher (PC)
** ImageNow linking does not work with Chrome **

Mozilla FireFox 3.6.x or higher (PC)
** Colleague only works with versions 3.6, 4, 5, and 8. **
Note: Calvin currently uses version 10.

Recommended Apple Safari 5.x or higher (Mac)
** Safari is the recommended browser for Mac computers. **
Note: ImageNow linking only works with Internet Explorer on PCs.


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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Settings

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A virtual private network is an extension of a company's private network to a machine that is not physically on that network. A VPN can be used to 'virtually' connect a computer to a company's private network through some shared or untrusted network, such as the Internet or public wireless access points.

When a VPN is established, a secure communications channel is set-up between your computer and the company's network, and all the communications to the company's network goes through this channel. For Calvin, connecting to our VPN will allow you to establish a secure connection and 'virtually' be on Calvin's campus network, even though you might be at home or half-way across the world! A VPN connection is a totally encrypted communications channel between your computer and Calvin's network, regardless of the networks you travel over between them. Establishing a connection to Calvin's VPN protects your and Calvin's information as it travels over the Internet, wireless networks, or any other public networks.

The VPN connection is required in order to use Colleague UI4 or Colleague Legacy when not on Calvin's campus network. You must setup and establish the VPN connection before you will be able to login to Colleague.

Visit the VPN page for detailed setup instructions.

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SSH Secure Shell