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Business Systems

CIT partners with administrative departments throughout the college to streamline and maintain business and administrative operations. CIT strives to balance operational requirements with appropriate and secure access across a broad set of technologies.
Colleague Legacy
Colleague Training
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Ellucian Colleague

Colleague is the Enterprise Resource Planning system used for Calvin College's academic administration. Colleague integrates with other administrative tools resulting in a collection of software serving the college as a Strategic Academic Enterprise.

Colleague is a web-based software which can be accessed at Internet Explorer is the recommended web browser for Colleague.

Access to Colleague must be requested on behalf on an employee by the supervisor or department responsible for the data being accessed. Colleague users are asked to limit their connections to Colleague and log out of inactive connections.

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Colleague Legacy

Colleague has many customized features written by Calvin staff. Some of these older feautres, denoted by a ## at the beginning of their menu description, are not accessible from the standard web-based Colleague interface. Colleague Legacy is a packaged SSH client used to access these older reports and processes. CIT works with individual offices to prioritize the rewriting of select older processes. Over time, the most useful legacy programs will be redeveloped.

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