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Teaching & Learning: Wimba Classroom T&L

Wimba Classroom Resources

NOTE: Blackboard purchased both Wimba and Elluminate (in 2010) and created a new, self-sustaining portion of Blackboard called Blackboard Collaborate. As such, when you need technical support, you will now go through Bb Collaborate (see below contact information).

On demand-based resources

Other resources

Academic Research Makes a Case for the Wimba Collaboration Suite

Click here to find out how to display high-quality video while using Wimba Classroom!

The relevance and impact of Wimba Classroom

  • Our world is spinning faster everyday!
  • With barriers constantly being removed, information is flowing much faster than ever!
  • Thus, we must be connected -- each of us with our peers worldwide -- in order to maintain our own knowledge bases and stay atop of our fields
  • Wimba Classroom can help us do that.
  • View this presentation for further information about what we mean here

Here is why this tool is so important for Calvin's future.