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Moodle: Request to keep a course active T&L

Instructors can request a course be extended for students still finishing up a course by completing the form below. See Moodle course generation/removal schedule

Note: This form should only be used for temporary extensions beyond the semester or organization removal date.

  • Semester courses and organizations cannot be extended indefinitely.
  • Semester courses granted an extension will still be deleted from the server (approx. 13 months after the beginning of the course). See Moodle course generation/removal schedule
  • Any content you wish to preserve should be copied back to the appropriate Master or Master Collaborative course(s).

Course ID:
Example: 13FA_IDIS-110-F
Instructor name:
Instructor username
Instructor phone number:
Please keep this course/
org. active until this date:
Brief explanation for the request.