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Known issues, Moodle tracker tickets & potential solutions or workarounds

Known Issues

Additional information

[1] I am unable to add resources or activities to my course.


[2] The expand/collapse icon in my course doesn't work.


[3] When I click a topic folder the folder expands, but will not collapse.


Issue: Instructors can't add resources or activities to courses which use the Folder View format.

Associated issues may include:

  • Expand/collapse [ + ][ - ] icon in upper-right corner of course doesn't work as expected
  • Clicking on a topic folder will expand the contents of a topic section, but the section will then not collapse

Course type: Courses using Folder View format.

Why? If there are any orphaned activities or items in the course, Moodle "acts up" because it doesn't know what to do with these items. (This usually happens after a failed attempt to drag-and-drop a resource or activity to another location in your course.) Moodle will create an additional topic area called Orphaned Activities at the bottom of your course.

Solution: Either deleting or relocating these items to another location in the course should restore full functionality to your Moodle course.

.pdf files don't open in Safari (on mobile devices)

Workaround: Instructor/students should use Chome on their mobile device. The instructor needs to upload .pdf, to Open in a new window. (By default this is set to automatic, so make sure to change this.)

Error: "Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: PHP catchable fatal error" This error displays due to an issue with the Random Glossary block. To temporarily resolve the issue, CIT has removed the Random Glossary block. Therefore, it is not available as a block that can be added to a course.

Workaround: If you have previously added a Random Glossary block to the course, it may still work. However, if you receive this error, you'll need to remove the block from your course.

(Pending) A fix has been coded and is scheduled for a Summer 2013 release.
Campus Pack item (wiki, blog, podcast, or journal) opens in a small compressed window Workaround: Use the scroll bar to move to the top of the Campus Pack item > Click the maximize arrow near the upper left-hand corner. View screenshot
Instructor unable to "clear" a student's submission(s) using Advanced uploading of files. Workarounds:
  • Instructor can change the assignment setting for Require students to click the Submit button to Yes. This will enable the instructor's ability to "clear" an assignment submission by clicking Revert to draft.
  • Instructor can create another assignment grade item so the student can submit their file(s).
  • Student can email the assignment files to the instructor.
Students are unable to send email using the QuickMail block.

Workaround: Students can use the class mailing list to send an email to the class.
Table cells do not have borders
When inserting a table, there is a border around the whole table, but not around the individual cells.
Workaround: You can use a Campus Pack wiki if you want to create a table with borders around the cells.
Courses missing from course list when running an import Moodle limits the number of courses displayed to 10 courses, but has included a Search bar below the course list so you can search for additional courses.

Workaround: You can search using your course's long name or short name, your username (for Master Courses) or by typing Master Course or Master Collaborative. You may have to try a couple different variations in order to locate them all.
News forums & announcements link is missing

To add the News forums & announcement link:
Turn editing on > Add the Announcements block > Log out of Moodle > When you log back into Moodle there will be a link to News forums and announcements.
Importing a course stalls or stops running

When importing a course, the import appears to hang before the import process is complete.
Issues: We've identified the Campus Pack activities (wikis, blog, podcasts, journals) are causing this issue.

Campus Pack (CP) has provided Moodlerooms (MR) with a connector to fix this issue; however, the connector is currently working its way though MR's quality assurance process.

When you are importing your course, do not include any Campus Pack activities in the import process.

Note: You will have to add your Campus Pack activities again after the import if they are still needed.

Campus Pack has no return link
There is no way to get back to a Moodle course when using a blog, wiki or journal from that course.
When accessing Campus Pack tools, right-click on the link of the blog, wiki or journal so it opens in a new tab or window.

When you have finished your task in Campus Pack, close the tab or window to return to Moodle.

Campus Pack does not allow changing point value
Can't change the point value of a Campus Pack wiki, blog or personal journal
Make sure you know the point value of the activity before you create a wiki, blog or personal journal.

Once you have created Campus Pack activity, you will not be able to change the point value of the activity. If you need to change the point value of an activity, you will need to re-create the item entirely.

Moodle wikis do not work
Wikis don't seem to be working, especially tables. There is no HTML editor for wikis in Safari.
We've found that wikis do not work well yet with Chrome or Safari.

Use Firefox as your browser when using Moodle.

Students can't rate forum posts
Students can't rate others' posts in Forum module
T&L will need to set this up for you. Please contact the HelpDesk (x6-8555) to request assistance.
Letter grades are not calculated into final grade
Entering a letter for a student grade is not calculated in final grade.
You need to include a percentage score in order for the program to calculate the correct final grade.

Potentially resolved in Moodle 2.0 with the rewrite of the grade book.

Difficulty opening files Make sure your file names have no special or foreign characters.

Make sure the link to the file is still correct. If the file has been moved in your course directory, the link will break (which presents itself as not being able to open a file).

Resolved Moodle issues  
Glossary: Ability to add comments to entries not available Moodlerooms: This issue has been submitted to Moodlerooms for resolution.
Grade book issues
(February 2013)
Issue: It has recently come to our attention there have been some issues with the gradebook since the upgrade. These issue include:
  • Instructors were not able to assign grades higher than 100% (in some instances).
  • The "Update" button was not available at the bottom of the gradebook with "Editing turned on".
In order to temporarily resolve these issues, we were forced to change some system settings. This fixed these two issues, but also removed some gradebook functionality to which you may be accustomed. Currently, you will not be able to enter grades in your gradebook without "Turning editing on" first.

What does this mean?

  • You will have to turn on editing in order to enter grades into your gradebook.
  • You MUST click the update button in order to save the grades you entered. (If you don't see it, make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Moodlerooms is working on this issue. We do not have a timeframe for which the issue will be resolved.

Moodle tracker number: [Closed/fixed]

Advanced upload of files: Students cannot see assignments returned to them. If you include a comment in the comments box, it will push the document(s) through so the students will be able to view the returned files.

Moodle tracker number:

Calendar doesn't copy into a course when running an import Workaround: None

Moodle tracker number:
When entering grades the grades for the last few students do not save. Workaround: From Grade administration click My report preferences > Grader report > adjust students per page to 5 > click Save changes.

Moodle tracker number: [Closed/fixed]
Large gradebook won't save chnages due to post size limit
MyMoodle page is displaying all of my courses as being available to students (navy colored) Issue (Faculty): All courses are being displayed as available to students on the My Moodle page (navy colored).

Workaround: Your courses will display correctly from your Moodle Home page. Available courses will be navy colored. Unavailable courses will be gray colored. To access your Home page, click the Home link from the Navigation block.

This is a known issue which will be fixed in the next core version.

Moodle tracker number: [Closed/fixed]

Folder View: Expand/collapse functionality not working Issue:
  • "Expand/Collapse" buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the course do not work.
  • When you click on the folder next to a topic, the topic opens in a new window instead of just expanding as it did previously.
  • Clicking on the course name link in breadcrumb trail does not take the user back to the main course page as expected.

Workaround: When you find yourself on the separate topic page, you can also click the icon in the upper right-hand corner [three black/brown horizontal lines] of the screen to take you back to the course home page.