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Moodle: FAQ (v2.4) T&L

Date of next update: Evening of July 11, 2013

How often is Moodle updated? Like Facebook, Google, and other popular websites, Moodlerooms has chosen to incrementally update Calvin's Moodle site every six months--once over Christmas break and once over the summer--rather than releasing only one big update a year.
What enhancements does v2.4 offer?
  • Group assignments
  • Group submission of one assignment
  • Assign a grade for a group assignment which is applied to all group members
  • Blind (anonymous) marking (requires Atomic Learning login)
    Randomly generated participant numbers will replace students' names
  • Submission date extensions - Extend due date for one or more students
  • Submission statement - Instructors can set a submission statement requiring students to check a box confirming their work is original before submitting it (pending approval)
  • Using Assignments documentation
Will all of the features addressed in the webinar (above) be rolled out at the time of the update? While this update offers a number of features and enhancements, only the enhancements mentioned in the question above will be rolled out on July 11th. Other features and enhancements MAY be rolled out as they are researched and tested.
Will there be any scheduled downtime for the update? Because we have outsourced our Moodle site to Moodlerooms, we are bound to their update schedule. As of today, Moodlerooms has communicated to us there will be no scheduled downtime.
Will there be any major changes to the Moodle interface? There will be no major changes to the interface; however, you may notice a few small changes here and there.

Here is a list of icons that have changed throughout our Moodle site. (Note: Most of these changes should be intuitive as locations of the icons haven't changed, only their appearance.)

Topic/section icons

    edit topic icons

Editing icons (with editing turned on)

    edit icons

The icons displayed before resources and activities added to your course have also been updated.

Can I change the number or order of courses that are displayed on my MyMoodle page?

To change the number of courses displayed on your MyMoodle page:

1. From your MyMoodle page, click the Customize this page button in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.

customize button

2. From the dropdown menu, select the number of courses to be displayed on your MyMoodle page.

(You can also re-order your courses using the crosshair displayed to the right of each course name.)

number courses display

3. Click the Stop customizing this page button in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.

stop customizing