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Teaching & Learning: Moodle T&L

Moodle courses

Course generation/removal schedule

There are three kinds of courses available to instructors in Moodle:

For example, an instructor who teaches NURS 141 will see three NURS-141 courses listed:

  • Master course NURS-141
  • Collaborative Master NURS-141
  • 13FA_NURS-141-D
Master courses

Instructors are provided with a Master courses (course shells) for every course they teach. Master courses are never deleted; therefore, we encourage instructors to build and develop their courses in these Master courses, then copy the material into individual semester courses.

(Note: There is not a dynamic connection between your Master and individual semester courses/sections. Copying your Master course into semester courses/sections is a manual process. Once you have copied your Master course into semester courses/sections, any new additions, deletions, changes will need to be made within each course/section.)

Collaborative Master courses

To facilitate collaboration between colleagues, Collaborative Master courses are available for courses with multiple sections and instructors. Master Collaborative courses can be used to develop courses and share content, then can be copied into individual semester courses/sections.

If you do not see a Master Collaborative: Use the Search bar at the top of the Moodle home page to locate the course and assigned instructors.

  • If an instructor is listed: Please contact the listed instructor and ask them to add you to the Master Collaborative course.
  • If no instructor(s) is(are) listed: Contact the HelpDesk to request you be added to the Master Collaborative course. Once you are added, you will be able to add other instructors to the Master Collaborative course.
Semester courses/sections

Semester courses are only available for the current semester. All semester courses are automatically generated, disabled and deleted based on the schedule posted below.

  • If you want to save a semester course, you need to copy your semester course back into your Master course. You can also choose to backup (or archive) your courses.
  • At minimum you are encouraged to at least backup a copy of your gradebook.
  • If you or your students temporarily need access to a course beyond the removal date, you may request a course extension using this online form. Only faculty may request course extensions.
  • Semester courses granted an extension will still be deleted from the server (approx. 13 months after the beginning of the course).

Note: By default your students will not be able to see your courses. You will now need to manually make your courses available when you are ready for your students to view them.

Course generation/removal schedule
Semester Courses available
Courses disabled/ removed from Moodle interface
(faculty & students)
Courses deleted
from server (14 mo. after beginning of course)**
Fall May 1* February 10 November 1**
Interim October 1* February 10 April 1**
Spring November 1* September 10 April 1**
May Interim March 1* September 10 July 1**
Summer April 1* September 10 July 1**

*Note: In addition to the dates above, the following conditions must also be met before instructors will see their future semester courses in Moodle.

  • Instructors must be assigned to each Moodle course by the Registrar's Office.
  • Students need to have registered for their courses.

**All semester courses will be completely removed (and not recoverable) from the server approximately fourteen (14) months after the beginning of the course.

For example, a 14/FA course will be completely deleted from the server on November 1, 2015.
Once a course is deleted from the server it is not recoverable.

See also: Faculty Technology Checklist