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Top 5 Technical Support Items for Blackboard Collaborate

System Requirements for Version 12.6 -- As of August 11, 2015


Blackboard Collaborate is a state-of-the-art, powerful set of web-based collaboration tools that provides videoconferencing, audio-conferencing, application sharing, interactive whiteboards, web touring capabilities, file transfers/sharing, mobile collaboration, polling, breakout rooms and more.


Students can access Blackboard Collaborate using a mobile device


With Blackboard Collaborate, you can:

  • Flip the classroom -- that is, you can offer your students the ability to watch recordings of any PowerPoints that you've created -- complete with your accompanying video, audio, annotations and PPT slides
  • Offer your students the ability to participate with their iPhones, iPads, and Android-based devices
  • Poll your students live -- online or even in your face-to-face classrooms
  • Invite remote students, other faculty members, and/or guest speakers into your classrooms
  • Host virtual committee meetings or departmental meetings
  • Offer virtual office hours, group study sessions, web-based tutoring
  • Create and participate in professional development opportunities
  • Lower Calvin's environmental footprint
  • Collaborate online via interactive whiteboards, shared applications, web tours
  • Establish and build upon your worldwide communities of practice
  • Significantly reduce travel costs while enjoying free communications* -- worldwide!
  • Distribute files to live attendees and even to those folks who will be checking out your recordings later on!
  • Select which of the 6 video feeds that you want to see (optional; the default is set to follow whomever "has the floor")
  • View rich media and travel with your students on the web via the web touring capabilities
  • Separate your online classroom into breakout groups/rooms
  • Give your students the ability to record their own presentations
  • And more...

Important note:

  • Great news! With Blackboard Collaborate 12, you can use a telephone to dial into a virtual meeting/conference.

Blackboard Collaborate support, documentation, resources



* NOTE: To take part in free communications using Bb Collaborate, you need:

  • A USB-based webcam
    (A headset provides optimal audio performance but is optional as long as you have a webcam.)
  • The JAVA runtime environment
    (Already on Calvin's systems.)