Podcast Information
Inner Compass is now available as a podcast all over the world using software such as iTunes. Once subscribed, the software will automatically download new shows as they become available. This allows you to have new content beamed directly to your computer with no effort. It is a quickly growing movement that allows people to view and listen to content whenever it is most convenient.
How can I find Inner Compass podcasts?
  1. Search for "Inner Compass" on the iTunes Music Store Podcasting section.

  2. Use any other podcast receiving software to subscribe to one of the following feeds.

    Video: http://www.calvin.edu/innercompass/icvideo_feed.xml
    Audio: http://www.calvin.edu/innercompass/icaudio_feed.xml

How can I view/listen to the podcast?

Once you have subscribed to the podcast and downloaded an episode, you may use it in a variety of ways. Some of the most popular would be...

  1. Play the audio or video file directly on your computer.

  2. Transfer the audio or video file to an iPod or other compatible device for listening/viewing.

  3. Burn the audio show (or several shows) to a CD for playback in the car or elsewhere.


Video Version Details:
H.264, 640x360, 1.2 Mbps, iPod / iPhone Compatible mp4

Audio Version Details:
MP3 Audio, 64kbps Mono, compatible with all iPods