"Inner Compass is an intelligent and engaging addition to public
television--a refreshing response to the growing hunger in our culture
to meaningfully engage the intersection of religion, ethics, and public
life that is coming to define the 21st Century."

~Krista Tippett, creator and host of public radio's Speaking of Faith


Our Hosts:

Shirley Hoogstra

Shirley Hoogstra

Karen Saupe

Karen Saupe




Inner Compass set

Inner Compass is a 30-minute television interview show that explores how people make decisions about ethical, religious, and social justice issues. Guests include authors, activists, religious leaders, and other engaging thinkers from around the world.

Steering away from a hard-driving religious focus, the show's two alternating hosts openly explore facts, values, and motivations with guests of various religious and non-religious backgrounds. Current Season 6 topics include:

  • immigration reform
  • rock & roll
  • executive coaching
  • art
  • North Korea
  • sex trafficking
  • teen subculture

Presenting station is WGVU West Michigan. Station Relations representation by Regina Eisenberg.


Uplink Date

Inner Compass has aired for 13 years on southwest Michigan PBS station WGVU-TV. Starting July 1, 2013, NETA offers national Season Six to public television stations throughout the country.

 "They know the topic and they know about the guests, and it shows. There simply is not another interview series like this available. The topics are topics that we don't see addressed elsewhere, they're always thought-provoking and I'm always sorry to see the episode end.We appreciate the fact that sometimes the guests have a spiritual story to tell and some don't. That reflects life today. We're delighted to be the presenting station for this show.

~Carrie Corbin, Program Manager, WGVU TV

"I've never been a groupie before! Even as a teenager, I didn't keep up with the rock groups of my time (the 1970s and 80s), and I was content playing Bach for my piano lessons. But I am definitely an Inner Compass groupie.

On a serious note, thank you for a program that delivers content without being shrill, without the shouting and the hard sell. Thank you for asking the hard questions without playing "gotcha" and for being a solutions-oriented show.

When I listen to Inner Compass I feel I'm going to get something I can use. I do a little homeless volunteering. Ron Jimmerson's episode gave me hope that homeless issues have answers. And if I need to, he's someone I could call. He's not an out-of-reach celebrity. You have people on your show who are ordinary, yet do extraordinary things. That gives me hope that I can do better. Your show extends my network, in a way."

~viewer Natalie Everett, Seattle, Washington


Telly AwardTelly Award

episode stillSupporting Locally Owned Businesses
Host: Karen Saupe

Two Bronze trophies in the 29th Annual Telly Awardscompetition, which received over 14,000 entries from all 50 states and many foreign countries. episode still
Authentic Race Relations
Host: Shirley Hoogstra

Redefining Masculinity
Host: Shirley Hoogstra


Two Awards of Distinction from The Communicator Awards, an international video competition "recognizing creative excellence in the communication field," for "exceeding industry standards in quality and excellence."

Eating Like a Woman
Host: Karen Saupe

Telly Award

Bronze Winner in the 27th Annual Telly Awards competition, which received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents.


Award of Excellence from The Accolade Competition

"Award of Excellence" from The Accolade Competition, honoring outstanding craft and creativity in film, video, television, and commercials.


Award of Distinction

"Award of Distinction" from the Videographer Awards international video production competition for being "clearly above industry standards."