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Important final check-out information

For all the information you need to check out properly, and for a convenient checklist, please see the following PDF document: Check-out information 2016


Q. Where do I get cleaning supplies?

A. You can check out cleaning supplies (razor blades, scrub pads, mops, etc.) at the front desk of your hall. Keep in mind you have 101 (All purpose cleaner for sinks and counters), 102 (glass cleaner for mirror and glass), 103 (disinfectant for toilet, sink, and shower) and Tilex for cleaning the shower in your suite. If you run out of any of these products, bring your empty bottle to the desk and we will exchange it for a full bottle.

Q. What should I have completed before my checkout time comes?

A. Read the PDF document.

Q. What if I have a Thursday exam?

The halls close at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 20 for everyone. If you have a Thursday exam, we suggest that you start the cleaning and packing process earlier. Clean and pack day is Thursday, May 12 to encourage you to think ahead. We have found that students who plan ahead have no problem finishing their cleaning and packing on Thursday after their exams. There are no Thursday evening exams (with the exception of Engineering classes) this year, so that should help significantly. If you have special circumstances, contact your resident director.

Q. If I am the last one to checkout will I get stuck with the cleaning?

No. As shown in the check out procedure, the cleaning responsibilities are divided up among the residents of the suite so no one is stuck cleaning more than their fair share.

Q. What are community chores?

A. A community chore is one task that is given to you in addition to cleaning your own room. Examples include: wiping down the outside of coffee kitchen fridge with a rag and cleaner, bringing any Dining Hall dishes to the lobby, mopping the laundry room, etc. By having all students contribute in small ways, we prepare the building for summer use in a stewardly and efficient manner.

Q. Where do I go if I am going to live in the Knollcrest East apartments this summer

A. Sign up for transitional housing at the housing office.

Q. What if I need to stay past the 10 a.m. deadline on May 20?

A. Sign up for transitional housing at the housing office.