Health and Safety Checks

In order to comply with Life Safety Code standards established by the National Fire Protection Association, and to remain consistent with what other peer institutions have begun as well, Calvin has instituted a "Health and Safety Inspection" for all on-campus residence hall and apartment rooms. Each year in September and January, RAs will stop by with a Health and Safety form, which you and the RA will briefly fill out together. Items to check will include smoke detectors, electrical cords, screens in windows, etc. This simple and fast check will be repeated in January, and is meant to promote the safest possible environment on campus. Please note that these are NOT the bathroom and shower "checks" -- that process is separate and will also be conducted in January.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be present when my RA does my room/apartment health and safety check?

While it is helpful to be present, it is not a requirement. The RA will knock on your door and try and pick a time that the residents of the room/apartment are present. If RA’s and residents cannot come up with a mutual time that works for both parties, RA’s may proceed and complete the checklist without residents present.

What if I do not pass on the first try?

The RA will return within 3 days to check any components of the check that you did not pass on the first try.

What if I do not pass on the second try?

Each member of the room/apartment will be fined $50 for being non-compliant. In addition, you will have one week to come into compliance or face additional disciplinary action.