Living Statement

Shalom in the Neighborhood

Many Calvin students will choose to live off-campus at some point during their time at Calvin, whether it be in Project Neighborhood homes or as renters in Grand Rapids communities. This presents a learning opportunity, a chance to consider how the lordship of Christ extends to how we live and where we live. As part of a Reformed Christian community, we are called to "seek the welfare of the city" (Jer. 29:7). Living off-campus, students will have the opportunity to live intentionally and faithfully in community: establishing and maintaining good relationships with neighbors, serving the needs of others, and experiencing the joy of being part of a neighborhood. But seeking the welfare of the city also involves sensitivity to others' needs and concerns, which translates into practical matters such as heeding noise levels and parking issues, honoring agreements with landowners, and observing city ordinances that address community welfare. The latter include residency limits: in Grand Rapids, no more than four unrelated people may reside at a given residence; Kentwood ordinances are based on square footage (check with your landlord). As "salt and light" to our world, all members of the Calvin College community are called to be good neighbors by observing these obligations.