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Can I choose my own roommate?

Yes, certainly. If you've got a friend or someone you've met who is coming to Calvin, you can both indicate on your housing applications your desire to be roommates. As long as the request is mutual (and space allows), we'll make the match happen. If your request comes after your housing application has been submitted, just contact our office.

How do you match me with a roommate?

If you leave the matching to us, which approximately two-thirds of our first-year students do, we rely on a specialized computer program as well as our experience in making matches. The computer takes the information you enter on your housing application and matches people who have similar interests and lifestyles. We check all matches and make many of them "by hand." Getting your application to us on time is helpful, as late applications tend to have fewer open roommates for us to work with.

Will I get along with my roommate?

Getting to know and live with a new person can be both fun and stressful.  Most roommate matches work out fine, as long as roommates have realistic expectations and always communicate, cooperate, and compromise.  Residence Life staff will engage roommates and suitemates in creating roommate agreements regarding the details of living together (i.e. borrowing items, noise levels, cleaning the bathroom, etc.).  If you’re ever having challenges in a roommate relationship, don’t hesitate to talk to the staff of your hall—they are there to help!

When will I find out the names of my roommates and suitemates?

For students with Priority Housing status (applications received by May 1), roommate contact information will be sent out around the 3rd week of June via email (at your new Calvin email address). For all other students, roommate information will be included in an early August mailing, which will include building assignments for all students. You'll find out who your suitemates are when you arrive in the fall.

When will I find out what hall and room I'm in?

You will find out your assigned hall when roommate and housing information is sent at the beginning of August, and you'll find out your room number when you arrive in the fall (specific room assignments sometimes change at the last minute).

Can I request a specific dorm, floor, or suitemate?

Sorry--we can't take these types of requests. If you have specific issues or needs, please indicate them in the "Additional Comments" section of your housing application. We intentionally avoid placing groups of high school friends together on one floor or in one building and we do not typically allow students to choose suitemates. We've found that by randomizing placements, our communities end up being stronger and more diverse, and our students tend to agree.