2nd Van Reken

Living Learning Grassroots

About this community

The Grassroots floor is an intentional living-learning community. As a community students engage topics of racial awareness and identity, reconciliation, and racism as played out in North America. Through shared experiences and shared meals Grassroots offers students an opportunity to step toward challenging topics in a supportive environment. Developing cultural and racial awareness as well as Christian responses to racial and cultural injustices are essential elements of being an emerging leader in a global world.

This floor is rooted in the mission of Calvin residence life in that it is a place where we offer students the opportunity for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and relational growth.

Grassroots floor desert   Banquet and bowling

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  1. To foster genuine community, where Christ’s love and compassion is shown toward one another in all aspects of life, whether in the classroom or in everyday living on the floor.
  2. To develop awareness of issues related to race and racism in the North American context, in particular in the areas of history, culture, economics and politics.
  3. To develop awareness and maturity in regards to our own racial identity and cultural awareness.
  4. To improve our communication skills and intercultural skills to build relation bridges and resolve conflict.