Service Opportunities on 1st van Reken

The Supper House

Dorm partnership where serve meals to anyone in need.

West Michigan Environmental Coalition

WMEAC is a non-profit organization uniquely positioned to respond to emerging issues and new threats to West Michigan’s natural and human ecologies, strategically focused on Building Sustainable Communities and Protecting Water Resources.

Plaster Creek

Plaster Creek is a 25.9-mile-long urban stream in Kent County, Michigan in the United States. It is a tributary of the Grand River. Cleanup usually occurs in September.

Grand River Cleanup

September event for Grand River cleanup.

Community Garden

The Calvin College Community Garden is a community garden for students, faculty, staff, seminary families, and alumni of Calvin College. Needs help, especially in the summer.

Camp Walton Lake

Calvin owns a camp and it is a work in progress and always needs help cleaning and restoring.

Prairie Restoration

Preserves native landscape.

Sugar Bush Festival

Needs help serving pancakes; occurs every year in March at Blandford Nature Center.