Residence Hall Living-Learning

Calvin’s newest residence hall wing, van Reken Hall, is home to three distinct and intentional living-learning floors - Outdoor Recreation / Creation Care (exploring environmental sustainability and recreational leisure responsibility), Grassroots (exploring race and ethnicity in ourselves and more broadly in North America) and Honors. Each floor is architecturally arranged to facilitate strong co-ed communities as well as to deepen the learning that happens there. Through learning events and community practices, students are invited to think and act more intentionally in relation to the theme of their particular floor.

The Wellness community (exploring the connection between physical health and learning) is housed in Timmer Hall and is also a co-ed community within a traditional hall setting.

Hall-based Living-Learning communities are open primarily to first and second year students, with one or two resident assistants serving a floor community of 40 students. Faculty or staff mentors partner with each floor in an effort to help students foster deep learning. Space is limited, and an additional application is required.

Living-Learning Hall Floors

Outdoor Recreation/Creation Care

You will thrive in this community if you are interested in environmental stewardship or outdoor recreation—or if you’re somewhere in between. Whether canoeing the Pine River or tapping sugar maples around campus your lab will be the outdoors. Your floor community will be your adventure partners and your stewardship collaborators. Caring for the world and each other are high values in this community.

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The honors floor will feel like home if you thrive in an environment with other highly academically motivated people who also want the support and encouragement that comes through a committed community. Your learning will grow and deepen because of the community you make together, and fun is part of the story. Join this floor for an opportunity to grow in intellectual grace and humility while also making life-long friends.

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Your background may be as a racial minority in the United States, or a third culture kid from North Africa, or a white majority person from the suburbs of Chicago. This floor takes you and your background seriously and values what that means for your floor community and who you are in relationship with God. You will find justice and equity are part of the conversation in the floor class and in the conversation in front of the fireplace. Part of what we do on this floor is remember that we are all valued by God, and we pay attention to the ways racial and other forms of injustice get in the way of that.

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In the Wellness community you will find a place that values your commitment and interest in wellness and wellbeing. Take advantage of a living environment where rest, exercise, eating well; spiritual health are given additional attention while you reap the benefits in your learning, faith and deepened relationships. Using technology, current research and historic Christian practices this community seeks to love God with mind, body, soul and strength.

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