Summer Project Neighborhood

summer in Project Neighborhood

This year, for the first time, Calvin is offering a summer edition of Project Neighborhood (PN) . This program maintains the goals PN pursues during the academic year, but adjusts to the additional opportunities and challenges presented by a 12-week summer program. This expansion of Project Neighborhood not only creates a space for Calvin students to pursue intentional community outside of the typical academic year, but also ensures a year-round partnership between our program and the communities of Grand Rapids.

Though the abbreviated schedule will give students less time to know and serve their neighborhood, the summer provides a number of opportunities for community engagement that simply are not available during the school year. Many Grand Rapids neighborhoods come alive in the summer in a way that PN students have not been able to experience until now.

The mission, values, and living expectations for Summer Project Neighborhood are consistent with those of the Fall through Spring program. The students will still pursue personal development and thoughtfully engage the communities of their house and their neighborhood, participating in weekly meetings, shared meals, and service commitments outside of the house.

The most notable differences in the structure of the program will be the absence of the one-credit IDIS 394 seminar course, and the smaller number of houses. The Travis House will be housing summer project neighborhood students.


The charge for living in the house will be $250 per month (for three months), which includes all utilities except personal long distance calls. Shared food expenses are not covered in the charge. A certain amount of "program" expenses will be covered with this fee.

Application details and dates

Students interested in Summer Project Neighborhood are asked to submit an application and schedule a time for an interview with current PN mentors and students.

Move-in day: Friday, May 30 at 12:00 pm

Mandatory Summer PN retreat: Saturday, May 31 to Sunday, June 1

Move-out day: Monday, August 25 at 12:00 pm


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