Nizhoni House

"Beautiful" in Navajo

Nizhoni House (Nizhoni means 'beautiful' in Navajo) is nestled in the Creston neighborhood located on the northeast side of Grand Rapids just a few minutes from downtown. The Creston community is characterized by coming together to know and be known. There are many opportunities to learn and grow in a diverse and dynamic neighborhood with great capacity and creativity.

Students who live in the Nizhoni House have the opportunity to join Creston Christian Reformed Church (the church is just one house away--you can walk there in 1 minute!). Additionally, a host of organizations happily welcome Calvin students to participate in service-learning: Catherine's Care Center, a health clinic free to the uninsured; Northeast Community Ministry food pantry and Supper House; Healthy Homes Coalition; New City Urban Farm and many more!


Creston Neighborhood Association:


1335 Buffalo Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505


How many people live in Nizhoni

Up to 6 students live there with the mentor(s).