Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Project Neighborhood is an opportunity for students to live in an intentional residential community within an urban neighborhood and with live in mentor(s). Together, students commit to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ by learning to relate to others as image bearers of God,bridging social and economic barriers, and developing vision and capacity for service. This is a caring, accountable environment, shaped by prayer and Biblical principles. Students covenant to live their Christian faith together in their home and neighborhood in specific and tangible ways.

Core Values

  • Vibrant Community - Spend time together, break bread together, and communicate effectively together
  • Loving Neighbors - Expressing hospitality and caring acts of service to those outside of our home
  • Purposeful Discipleship - Spiritual growth, accountability, justice, and spiritual disciplines
  • Committed Sustainability - Be creative stewards of the resources gifted to us
  • Attentiveness to the ordinary - Be observant to and tell the stories of the gifts that come in the ordinary and routine parts of communal life


Project Neighborhood is an alternative housing opportunity for Calvin students to live in intentional Christian community in the city of Grand Rapids. Participants are committed to personal spiritual growth, structured time together as house residents, and service to the neighborhood and community. Intentional community is hard work. It takes commitment by participants. But if you're interested in the challenge of learning to love God more fully and learning to love your neighbor more authentically, then this may be an option for you. Guidance from community leaders, college representatives, and in-house mentors will lead you to personal growth, as well as opportunities for making an impact in the community. We strive to live out the Acts 2 vision of the church and being disiciples of Christ.