House Mentors

Expectations of Mentors

To foster the goals of Project Neighborhood through serving as a participant-mentor in the life of the house and giving leadership through modeling, mentoring and facilitating a house environment which is caring, accountable, shaped by prayer and biblical principles.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Facilitate and encourage the active participation and ownership of the students in developing and living a common life together in which they relate to one another as image bearers of God, bridge social and economic barriers and develop vision and capacity for service.
  2. Facilitate the formation of, participation in, and reflection upon the community of the house, including weekly house meetings which attempt to develop desired outcomes for the project.
  3. Facilitate house meetings to determine responsibilities related to housekeeping, meals, property maintenance and neighbor relations.
  4. Provide mentoring and discipleship avenues for residents.
  5. Ensure the maintenance of the physical structure of the house, in connection with the facility supervisor.
  6. Develop positive personal relationships with neighbors and facilitate the student's efforts in this regard.
  7. Serve as representative of the college.

Interested in becoming a PN Mentor?

We will be hiring in the beginning of April. Please look for the job posting at Calvin Employment in late winter or early spring.