Living Expectations

New residents must agree to the plan for the shared living experience, which includes having a designated number of meals together, regular house meetings, and shared responsibility for maintenance and food preparation. There is an expectation that participants will be involved in service to the community. This service has two aspects: participation in formal programs (i.e. First Church Tutoring Program or Eastown Ministries Teen Night, etc.) and ongoing presence and hospitality in the neighborhood. Participants must limit their extracurricular activities and employment obligations in order to be fully engaged in the PN activities. Residents must expect to commit to approximately 12 hours a week to service.

Intentional reflection and learning is integrated into the Project Neighborhood experience. Each semester all residents will participate in an IDIS 394 seminar (one-hour credit). Students should expect some academic work associated with these seminars (i.e. reading, journals, short papers or presentations). The course meeting times will be set in advance and will be held approximately one Saturday morning per month. Costs for the course are covered in the house fee.

There is a required orientation retreat in the fall prior to classes and at the beginning of second semester. Specific dates will be given before the end of this academic year.

What comes with living in PN?

  • All the houses are furnished
  • Laundry facilities in each house
  • Free Resnet and Cable T.V.
  • 1 hour IDIS seminar class, meets three times per semester


In the process of cultivating and defining community in each house the Project Neighborhood students and mentors develop covenants that guide commitments and values that the house will strive to live out. It is these guiding principles that allow students to be stretched and to hold each other accountable. Here are some sample Covenants from PN houses in the past.