Fuller House

Fuller House

The Fuller House is the newest addition to the Project Neighborhood family. The Fuller House began in the fall of 2013 as a purposeful connection between Calvin and the Fuller Avenue Christian Reformed Church. Fuller Ave. CRC was seeking a place to expand its ministry vision and Calvin was seeking opportunities to offer more diverse options for student living in Project Neighborhood. Calvin student and mentors who live in the Fuller House join with the church in weekly church programs geared toward support of the local community.

The Fuller House is a friendly and welcoming place. It’s an older house in a beautiful neighborhood, and it’s full of character. But what really makes this house a home is the people who fill it each year. It’s amazing to see how each group makes this house their home – caring for it and each other throughout the year. Between the creaks in the floor and the smell of some delicious thing in the kitchen, the house feels like it has a pulse of it’s own.

The Fuller House has had a connection with Fuller Avenue Church (right next door) since it has become a Project Neighborhood house. The people in this worshiping community take care to show love by baking treats and connecting after worship. They provide a place for our people to garden in the summer; and in the winter they make sure that the fireplace is working properly. The connections with people from the church and connections with people in the neighborhood are often the most rewarding for the students in the Fuller House. Play outside with the neighborhood kids for a while; or share a meal after worship with a lovely family from church. The Fuller House is a place to be challenged and encouraged; and we grow here as a community.

The Fuller House is located near the corner of Hall and Fuller, a short 3 1/2 mile bike ride to the college. Six students plus mentors can occupy this house, close by to the soon to be open Wealthy Street Bakery location on Hall and Fuller.


Creston Neighborhood Association:


1241 Fuller Ave SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49505


How many people live in Fuller

Up to 6 students live there with the mentor(s).