Application & Costs

Cost of living at KE

  • Recently renovated apartments: $1,910/semester ($3,820/year) (utilities included)
    • Recently renovated apartments are: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Kappa, Theta/Epsilon, Zeta/Lambda, Phi/Chi (summer of 2014)
  • Summer
    • $1,000 for the entire summer or $12 per night.
    • Summer housing applications are available at the Housing Office, Dorm Deskies, and the Knollcrest East Deskie. Or can be downloaded here. Certain restrictions apply.
    • Applicants and down payment due May 1st.


How to apply:

  • Fill out one “Group Profile Form” as a group interested in living in the same apartment.  Only one group profile form needs to be turned in per group.  If you are applying as a single, only your name will be present on the form.  (Forms available on the bottom of this page, in the Housing office, at residence hall desks, and in KE)
    • Turn your form in by 5:00pm on Monday, March 3 to the Housing Office to be considered for the KE Apartment selction process.
  • Each person must fill out a “KE Apartment Agreement” by Friday, March 8 for the group to be considered in the Apartment Lottery, which will be held on Tuesday, March 18. We encourage you to turn this in with your group profile form (pick your apartment agreement up at the KE Desk, your residence hall or the housing office ).
  • All Apartment Agreements for your group must be turned in before you will be permitted to participate in KE Apartment selection process (unless someone in your group is on an off-campus program)

KE Apartment selection process Information...

  • The KE Lottery will be held on Tuesday, March 18 at 4:00pm in the Commons Lecture Hall. 
  • Your attendance is required to ensure placement (Groups 1 and 2 DO NOT have to attend selection).
  • Order or selection:
    1. Same apartment-mates (at least 3 of 4) staying in the same apartment
    2. Two or more of the same apartment-mates paired with other KE students
    3. Same apartment-mates (at least 3 of 4), new apartment
    4. Two of the same apartment-mates paired with other returning KE students
    5. Two of the same apartment-mates paired with other new KE students
    6. Brand new groups, all returning KE students (5 or more, then 4, then 3)
    7. New to KE groups of 5 or more, then 4, then 3

Sophomores are not allowed to live in the KE apartments next year. If they have an extenuating circumstance they are welcome to make an appointment with Jay Wise, Assistant Dean of Residence Life. Permission will only be given for extenuating circumstances.

Breaking an Apartment Agreement...

Once you receive a placement at the KE Lottery or later, your appartment agreement goes into effect.

Full-time students who remain at Calvin may not break an Apartment Agreement unless given permission by the Residence Life Office or Knollcrest East area coordinator.

If permission is not granted, the student will be charged full Room and Board for the duration fo the agreement.  If permission is granted, students will be chrged a $200.00 fee for breaking the agreement.  Permission will only be given for extenuating circumstances.

KE Appartment Application
KE Appartment Contract
KE Appartment Selection Process Information
KE Profile Form

You can also get your KE Apartment forms from the KE Desk or the housing office.