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Get additional scholarships for being an honors student

Virtually all honors students receive academic scholarships ranging from $1,000–15,000 per year. These scholarships are awarded based on your test scores, GPA and other information provided on your Calvin application materials.

The Calvin Honors Program is offering a new scholarship opportunity for 20 first-year students who have been accepted to the program through Calvin's application for admission.

The Honors Fellows Program

The Honors Fellows Program is a competitive opportunity extended to 20 first-year students. It includes an additional $2,500 scholarship renewable for a second year.

Selection Process

Candidates for The Honors Fellows Program are identified based on materials from the student's admission file, such as GPA, test scores, application essay and list of involvements. You must be admitted to Calvin by January 1 to be considered for this special opportunity.

If you are identified as a candidate, you will be invited to attend The Honors Fellows Preview Weekend in early March (a $200 travel voucher will be provided). During the weekend, you will have the opportunity to interview for The Honors Fellows Program. Twenty participants from this weekend event will be awarded the Honors Fellows Scholarship and invited to participate in the program.

Benefits of the Program

  • A $2,500 scholarship, renewable for a second year if you maintain a 3.5 GPA and take at least one honors course per year at Calvin
  • A $1,000 travel voucher for use in any Calvin off-campus programs
  • Priority admission to Calvin's Honors Living-Learning Community or other intentional living communities
  • An annual dinner with the college president and a distinguished guest lecturer